Whenever businesses succeed or flounder, there will always be someone ready to go after them for a piece of the pie. Consumers, employees, stockholders and related third parties frequently join forces to maximize their chances of obtaining large settlements or verdicts, whether or not they have legitimate claims against a company. Often, the loss to that company will be determined not by what is right, or even what is fair, but based on the whims of a jury, arbitrator or judge. 

At Safarian Choi Bolstad, our highly trained consumer class action team knows how to prepare for these attacks and has the tools and strategies to help to minimize the harm they can do to a business. With extensive settlement and courtroom experience, our attorneys are confident in facing off with even the most aggressive and unscrupulous plaintiffs’ counsel to ensure that our clients’ rights are accounted for. At any given time, our team can handle a variety of matters in a class action setting, including: 

•    Antitrust
•    Consumer Fraud
•    False Advertising
•    Breach of Privacy Claims
•    Breach of Data Security Claims
•    Product Liability
•    Securities Fraud
•    Labor & Employment Issues

They say there is strength in numbers but there is also strength in knowledge. With our team of seasoned attorneys, clients can rest easy that the potency of our savvy counsel, thorough organization and strategic case preparation will give them an invaluable tactical advantage.