Now, more than ever before, the key that separates mediocrity from greatness in the area of real estate law counsel is an in-depth understanding of the market in which clients are currently operating and an intimate knowledge of both the challenges and the prospects that these unique conditions can bring about. 

Whether providing support for the acquisition or disposition of property or assisting a construction or design firm with contract negotiations, our attorneys have the industry knowledge and connections to thoroughly evaluate any bargaining position and counsel clients as to the most strategic course of action. 

With many years of collective experience advising clients in connection with all types of real estate matters, the Real Estate Practice has encountered almost every type of real estate transaction. We have counseled clients wanting to enter the market – and those looking to extricate themselves from it – and we have provided guidance as to the most financial sound manner to handle every obstacle, challenge or once in a lifetime opportunity. 

The Real Estate Practice can confidently and efficiently handle matters in areas that include: 

•     Development of Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily, Mixed-Use and Residential Property
•     Purchase and Sale of Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily, Mixed-Use and Residential Property
•     Leasing and Licensing
•     Ground Leasing
•     Drafting and Negotiation of Construction, Architectural and Other Design Professionals’ Contracts
•     Drafting and Negotiation of Property Management and Asset Management Agreements
•     Drafting and Negotiation of CC&Rs and Other Covenants of Title
•     Formation of Commercial Property Owners’ Associations
•     Zoning, Land Use and CEQA Matters
•     Eminent Domain and Condemnation Matters
•     Preparation of Development and Disposition Agreements
•     Property Tax Issues & Claims of Exemption
•     Foreign Investment in Property (including EB5) 

Apart from the uncertainty, we have found that the worst part of today’s real estate climate is when clients find themselves in the very position they don’t want to be in – either with cumbersome property assets they no longer want or unable to secure the interests they would like quickly or effectively. 

With that in mind, our real estate attorneys are committed to taking every client – whether they want all in or way out – from wherever they are, to where they want to be.