Today, more than ever, businesses are under increasing pressure to maintain regulatory compliance and proactively ensure clean policies when dealing with environmental concerns. In reality however, it is not always easy to be constantly vigilant. Often, clients come to us because their policies simply did not offer sufficient protection despite their best efforts or the regulatory requirements had shifted over time and they had inadvertently failed to keep pace. More often still, they are being unfairly targeted by outside interests looking to undermine their credibility or their business objectives.

Regardless of how an environmental conflict arises, Safarian Choi Bolstad’s environmental litigation team has extensive experience protecting the interests of businesses throughout California when they are the targets of legal actions involving environmental compliance. Our attorneys have been trained to handle this often fraught terrain with expedience and professionalism, securing the most desirable legal outcomes with the least amount of public scrutiny.

Our team is adept at handling a wide variety of environmental matters, including:

•    Hazardous Materials Litigation
•    Toxic Tort Defense
•    Coastal Act Permitting & Enforcement
•    Environmental Impact Review Proceedings
•    Environmental Audits & Assessments
•    Air & Water Quality-related Matters
•    Compliance Advice & Enforcement Defense
•    Due Diligence in Real Property Transactions

The more environmental issues take center stage in coming years, the more businesses will need to navigate the ever-changing regulatory requirements that follow. As the climate changes, let our attorneys help your business adapt and move on.