Even the most amicable business dealings between longtime collaborators can sometimes hit stumbling blocks or rough terrain, especially in unpredictable times when erratic forces are at play. When contentious situations arise – between lenders and borrowers, investors and investments or even within organizations themselves – clients are often quick to fall into the trappings of lengthy, expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Safarian Choi & Bolstad LLP initially established its dispute resolution practice as a means to help existing clients avoid costly litigation by allowing our attorneys to facilitate negotiation, mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution in amore cost-effective and efficient manner. Typically, the matters handled arose in the course of negotiating a deal or loan in which one of the parties was already represented by us and had reached an impasse with the other parties at the table. Since our ultimate goal is always to get the very best deal done on behalf of our clients, it only made sense to fine-tune skills that would quickly and definitely address any strife, getting everyone back to the table.

Today, the Dispute Resolution Practice services both new and existing clients seeking solutions outside of the courtroom to handle their more contentious relationships, especially when disputes arise connected to asset lending, asset acquisition and disposition or basic real estate and construction dealings. To that end, our attorneys confidently employ a broad range of dispute resolution techniques.

While handling conflicts between clients certainly does not make up our stock and trade, insuring that clients maximize their bargaining power at every interval is crucial. Our dispute resolution services will always be available to evaluate a client’s position, handle a matter on their behalf, or refer them to a trusted ally with appropriate skills and experience when necessary. And because we are just as eager as our clients to get back to that happy, deal-making place, we’ll make it as quick – and as painless – as possible.